Windscreen Or Window Glass Breakage

No claim form is required to be completed.

If you have suffered a windscreen breakage or window glass breakage and the cost to replace the screen or window glass is below $800 then you may proceed with the replacement of the glass.

You can either pay for the replacement and then submit a copy of the account to us (email or fax is fine) and we will reimburse you minus an excess amount if your policy is subject to one. Let us know your bank details so we can EFT the refund directly into your account otherwise a refund cheque will be sent to the address we hold on file.

Or, if the glass replacement company is happy to collect off you the excess amount and submit a tax invoice to us showing the cost of the screen and the amount they have collected from you then we will settle the remainder of the account directly with them. If they require a claim number just use your CMCA membership number or policy number.

If the cost of the replacement windscreen glass or window glass is $800 or more then you need to contact our office for authority before proceeding with the replacement.

Note: The policy does not cover glass chip repairs